The CloudLogix Story

CloudLogix, founded in 2010, is a supply chain software provider that offers a SaaS-based shipping logistics platform. Our mission is to simplify the supply chain by helping companies centralize supply chain data and communication, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions in real-time.

We support our delivery of software solutions with industry-leading customer service. What makes the CloudLogix team so unique? Our expert team comes from a supply chain or logistics background, enabling us to identify solutions that create efficiencies, introduce time savings, and save costs for customers.

What started as a software specific to aerospace customers, CloudLogix has grown and expanded tremendously over time to now serve the supply chain needs of companies in most industries.

Our founder, a logistics executive, had a long-standing relationship with an aerospace client providing International and Domestic transportation services. The customer wanted real-time, visibility and robust reporting, which led to the formation of CloudLogix to develop a solution. We provided the client with end-to-end visibility, including order management, the ability to manage multiple transportation providers, and freight invoice auditing. The client still uses this solution today!

As integration, data adjudication, and industry adoption has improved, we have upgraded the initial version of our solution to reflect improvements in speed, quality of data, and especially visibility. Our product suite is now applicable across various vertical markets in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. Our clients realize cost benefits in their supply chain through centralization of data, reduced communication waste, and increased velocity of decision-making. CloudLogix makes the supply chain clear and simple.

CloudLogix Timeline Supporting Supply Chain Companies


  • CloudLogix was formed in 2010 by a team of software engineers and logistics professionals.
  • Our first customer was a Tier One aerospace supplier providing them with real-time visibility and robust reporting.


  • CloudLogix was recognized in 2012 as a Tech Company to Watch, capturing our rapid growth.
  • We expanded the capabilities of our software solution beyond aerospace to be applicable across most industries.


  • Recognized logistics industry leader Tom Cagney took the reins of our company as CEO in November 2020.


  • We became an SAP Partner in 2021 and now deliver our solutions through multiple channel partners.

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