A woman working on her Manhattan TMS system that has been integrated with CloudLogix.

3 Benefits of Integrating Manhattan TMS with CloudLogix

When evaluating transportation management system (TMS) solutions, you should consider the most important functionality for your needs, the effectiveness of the product, and the vendor’s ability to deliver a high-quality solution.

Integrated with CloudLogix’s robust supply chain software platform, Manhattan TMS is the ideal pairing for optimizing transportation planning and execution.


CloudLogix can integrate Manhattan TMS via API, any web service, or even standard file delivery. These approaches make integrating with any ERP system a quick and painless process with our on-staff integrations experts. Barring any custom requirements, integration can happen in less than two weeks!

Manhattan TMS has comprehensive solutions with years of development and continuous improvement to get them right. However, some users have mentioned it’s troublesome and time consuming if a modification is needed to the base solution.

In other words, specific changes needed to accommodate individual and specialized business rules and processes can be difficult. With the CloudLogix tool as an add-on, businesses are able to make the most out of your Manhattan TMS purchase by filling in any gaps to make your solutions personal and functional for your unique needs.


After a demo of the CloudLogix product, integrated with Manhattan TMS, you’ll immediately see what makes it so appealing. You’ll see the real effects on your business after the first week of full use.

To name just a few benefits:

  • You’ll notice your suppliers and procurement personnel are communicating more effectively.
  • You’ll know the status of hot items each day without having to call around for info.
  • You’ll see your freight spend decrease because better routing decisions are being made.
  • Your accounting personnel will no longer have to code freight invoices manually.

A High-Quality Solution

Manhattan TMS is a revolutionary piece of cloud-based transportation management software system that is both self-configuring and self-tuning.

Rick Fernandez, the Director Corporate Communications for Manhattan Associates, said the following about Manhattan TMS in an interview with Logistics Management magazine:

  1. FASTEST = Manhattan Active Transportation Management is the fastest multi-modal transportation optimization engine in the industry. Its advanced in-memory processing can calculate about 18 million feasibility consideration every second. That reduces solve times by up to 80%. With the high complexity of recent transportation plans, this can be a significant time savings.
  2. SMARTEST = Manhattan Active TM is also the first self-configuring and self-tuning transportation network solver. It evaluates the problem and automatically selects the best route generation technique without oversight from the planner. 
  3. EASIEST = And it uses machine learning technology to automatically configure and tune all of the factors that go into developing the perfect transportation plan.

Centralizing Data

CloudLogix can seamlessly integrate with Manhattan TMS and other tools in order to centralize all of your supply chain data into one convenient dashboard.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the integration of Manhattan TMS with the CloudLogix supply chain software platform can transform and streamline your transportation logistics management, contact us today to schedule a demo!