A warehouse employee on the computer using SAP integration tools and technologies with her current logistics software.

3 Ways We Deliver SAP Integration Tools and Technologies

SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software, which is why SAP integration tools and technologies are important components for businesses to know and understand.

According to this SAP fact sheet:

  • SAP customers generate 87% of total global commerce ($46 trillion)
  • 94% of the world’s 500 largest companies are SAP customers
  • 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP S/4HANA customers
  • Approximately 80% of SAP’s customers are SME [subject-matter experts]

CloudLogix simplifies supply chain operations by providing a single, user-friendly software platform that integrates with SAP and third-party platforms for a seamless customer experience. Our platform can accept data from just about any source and translate it into a workable format that is more easily leveraged across supply networks.

If you’re currently using SAP technologies and are concerned about how CloudLogix will integrate with your current systems, we can promise to provide confidence, knowledge, and both freedom and flexibility as we work together to transform and revitalize your supply chain management process.

Confidence in Your SAP Partner

We worked with SAP for over a decade before becoming an official partner in 2021. We have immense respect for SAP and its capabilities, and we were confident that pairing our offerings would provide the greatest benefit for our mutual clients.

By using an SAP partner, you know you are working with the best of the best. SAP partners have been carefully and appropriately vetted so that you can buy with confidence.

You can also be sure you’re working with someone who speaks your language, understands your needs, and is highly motivated to provide you with dedicated support and unparalleled collaboration.

We are not a “one size fits all” company. Rather, we are a flexible and versatile team looking to improve one or many aspects of your business. We recommend solutions to minimize change and maximize impact.

Knowledge of SAP Integration Tools and Technologies

By being an established SAP partner, and already having several integration points with SAP, our clients can bypass several configuration steps that they might otherwise have to endure with another provider.

CloudLogix is well versed in the world of SAP, so our experience can provide you with peace of mind that your solution is being implemented timely and efficiently.

While we can integrate with any area of SAP, our tools provide the maximum benefit in the Logistics module of SAP, notably in Materials Management.

By adding on our software, we are able to best support our customers by giving them more flexibility to implement the specific business rules they have for their company, and this goes for any area of their SAP package.

Freedom and Flexibility

SAP is an extremely robust system that can accommodate the most vast and complex supply chains.  By using CloudLogix software as an add-on, we are able to give our clients the freedom and flexibility to make their SAP solution more personal to their specific business functions.

While robust ERP systems are very powerful, they can sometimes lack the ability to easily configure features exactly as you would like them to perform.  That’s where we come in – not only do we fill in the gaps to give our clients what they need, but we also make it accessible and flexible enough to make changes as often as they’d like.

For example, we offer the following in the CloudLogix system:

  • Ability to set roles for vendors, operators, client admin, site admin, accounting, carriers, and 3PL providers
  • Configurable reports for all levels of your supply chain process
  • Order management rules to ensure vendor compliance within PO terms
  • Shipping solutions and integrations including rate shopping, booking, and tracking
  • Invoicing features including visibility through all stages, auditing per your specifications, robust exception handling, and configurable settings for cost center allocation
  • Configurable settings throughout the system to suit your specific business rules
  • Robust search for full visibility of each milestone throughout the logistics execution process
  • A support team with emphasis on prompt response time and ease of implementation

Are you interested in seeing what SAP integration tools and technologies we can offer? Call CloudLogix to schedule a demo of our platform today!