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A manufacturing machine in use.

Need Help with an SAP ERP for the Manufacturing Industry?

Businesses worldwide use SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage and streamline their operations. For the manufacturing industry, it’s a tool that helps companies make the most of their resources while staying competitive in a rapidly changing market. SAP is …

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A warehouse manager using an SAP ERP integration to manage their supply chain.

How Does an SAP ERP Integration Work for the Supply Chain?

The SAP ERP system is a robust, powerful platform that has the power to connect everything your business does in one location, including supply chain management. Unfortunately, the supply chain is often overlooked when it comes to using an ERP …

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A supply chain professional using an ERP integration service

Use Our ERP Integration Service to Support Your Supply Chain!

ERP systems provided by SAP and other companies are pretty robust, and they include many great features to support the supply chain, but the sheer size of an ERP can lead to gaps in how the system is used for …

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A business that has been able to benefit from their extended enterprise system.

Gain Efficiency with an Extended Enterprise System

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, including the supply chain. When businesses extend their operations beyond traditional parameters and collaborate with their partners and suppliers to share information and processes, the entire supply chain process and …

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A woman working on her Manhattan TMS system that has been integrated with CloudLogix.

3 Benefits of Integrating Manhattan TMS with CloudLogix

When evaluating transportation management system (TMS) solutions, you should consider the most important functionality for your needs, the effectiveness of the product, and the vendor’s ability to deliver a high-quality solution. Integrated with CloudLogix’s robust supply chain software platform, Manhattan …

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