A supply chain professional using ERP software for supply chain management

How ERP and Supply Chain Management Go Together

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer powerful capabilities to help companies run their business more efficiently. ERPs are incredibly valuable in today’s fast-paced business environment because they provide stakeholders with insights into business areas to support decision-making.

ERPs can pull and utilize data for so many purposes, whether for accounting, financial, resource management, customer management, legal and risk management, employee management, and supply chain management.

Depending on the maturity of your company’s digital transformation, you may not be using the full capabilities of your ERP to support the supply chain. Let’s take a closer look at how ERP and supply chain management go together to support your business!

ERP and Supply Chain Management: What’s the Connection?

ERPs are popular in accounting and finance circles to track the business implications of how resources are used in a given company. Companies typically outgrow software platforms such as QuickBooks and want to advance to a more robust ERP system that can bring together all business activity in one location.

Then, there’s supply chain management. Companies that operate in the supply chain are accustomed to utilizing spreadsheets, email, and individual pieces of legacy software to support supply chain activity. Why not bring the supply chain into the ERP system?

Despite the capabilities of ERP systems, many companies are hesitant to fully embrace the idea of using their ERP for supply chain management. There are many barriers that companies have difficulty overcoming. Some of the common obstacles include the following:

  • Time and cost requirements to bring data over from existing sources (e.g., spreadsheets or software applications) into the ERP
  • Needing to bring together various stakeholders in the organization to embrace change
  • A lack of appetite for technology change
  • Other priorities in the company that go beyond technology
  • A lack of satisfaction with the current ERP system used in your company

So, what makes it worth pushing through these roadblocks to utilize your ERP system’s full capabilities to support the supply chain? Consider the following benefits that make it worth the effort:

  • Easy access to critical data in one location.
  • Efficient management of the business resources that support your supply chain.
  • Centralized record keeping and document storage.
  • Greater collaboration across the entire company.
  • Reduction in errors and mistakes attempting to keep track of information in different locations.

Fortunately, the relationship between ERP and supply chain management doesn’t have to create more headaches than benefits. When you work with a company like CloudLogix, our team of experts can help your company overcome barriers so that you can fully realize the opportunity to utilize your ERP to support the supply chain.

How CloudLogix Can Support Your Supply Chain and ERP

The CloudLogix team has been in your shoes before. We are supply chain logistics professionals who have seen and experienced the common challenges that come with using technology to support the supply chain.

We can step in to analyze your situation and make recommendations. We’ll review the following elements:

  • Your company’s current use of software tools.
  • The capabilities of your ERP system.
  • Your company’s view of supply chain management.
  • The state of your company’s digital transformation.
  • Other elements that impact the way you manage the supply chain.

Our analysis will help us formulate a solution that fits your current need. We will focus on helping your company accelerate a digital transformation so that you can fully utilize the capabilities of your ERP system to support supply chain management.

Once you are on the right path, we can introduce our robust CloudLogix platform to create even greater efficiencies. Our platform will simplify and streamline your supply chain in a powerful way.

The great part is that our platform integrates with popular ERP systems delivered by Oracle, SAP, and others. And, if you use a different ERP system, we can build a custom integration! Our platform will accept data from just about any source and then translate this data into a workable format that can be used across your supply chain.

Let’s Get Started on a Supply Chain Management Solution

It’s time to tap into the full capabilities of your company’s ERP system to support the supply chain. We’ll help you get there so that you can realize cost and time savings.

We’d like to start with a consultation about your company’s current use of software and technology. This will provide us with a baseline understanding of where your company stands so that we can craft a solution that fits your need.

At CloudLogix, you get what you need, not what you don’t when you work with our team of experts. Contact us today to get started. Let’s find the right path to blend ERP and supply chain management in your company.