A supply chain professional using logistics optimization software to streamline his business processes

How Logistics Optimization Software Can Revolutionize Your Business

Over the past decade, there have been amazing technological developments to support supply chain logistics. As a result, companies have attempted to introduce new pieces of technology to transform the way they do business.

While this approach of introducing the latest technology to address the latest challenges has helped in some ways, it has also introduced a host of new challenges related to workflow management.

Workflows and processes need to be adjusted to support the introduction of new technology. Otherwise, the addition of new technology can complicate existing workflows and create confusion internally with employees and externally with partners.

That’s why companies need to consider logistics optimization software that supports workflows, harmonizes processes, enhances communication, and streamlines the supply chain so that everyone is on the same page. By centralizing activity in one location, you can ensure that exciting new technology is fully supported.

Workflow Issues Solved by Logistics Optimization Software

Workflows can quickly and easily become complicated when new technology is added to the mix. This is often the result of one team embracing new technology more quickly than another team. Or, some individuals want to retain the “old way” of doing things because that’s what they are more comfortable with.

The uneven adoption of new technology creates a lot of issues and questions:

  • Who is responsible for what processes?
  • Why are we entering the same information twice in two different locations?
  • Who’s responsible for copying information from one application to another?
  • How do we validate shipments and pertinent details?
  • What process are we supposed to follow to schedule deliveries?
  • What happens if there is ambiguity in a particular workflow?
  • How are we supposed to communicate with partners about issues that arise?

This could just be the tip of the iceberg for your particular supply chain. There could be other issues beneath the surface that need to be addressed in order to utilize new technology to its fullest potential.

The best approach to rectify this situation is to establish clear and consistent workflows and processes that take into account the needs of all stakeholders, not just some stakeholders. This way, new technology can work for you – not against you.

To bring this together, you need access to logistics optimization software such as our CloudLogix all-in-one platform. We developed a platform that supports your workflows, connects and manages your shipping processes, and enhances internal and external communication. It’s the linchpin of your supply chain.

How does this work? We set up integrations to connect with the platforms and tools that you already use in the supply chain. Our platform can accept data from just about any source and translate it into a workable format that is more easily leveraged across your entire network.

Then, each team and individual can visibly see what process they should be following in each workflow to support their role. Workflow management becomes a snap, and technology can be fully utilized to support your business goals.

Consider CloudLogix to Support Your Business Need

Has your company already invested in new technology, and now you need the right logistics optimization software to support the change? Or, are you considering investing in new technology but lack confidence that your company can support a new way of doing things?

Let CloudLogix come alongside your company to help manage the change. We’ve been in your shoes before, which is why we built a robust platform that can handle the needs of any company that is involved in the supply chain.

No matter your size or industry, we have a solution that will support your workflows, your processes, and your people so that you can fully deploy technology and transform the way that you do business.

Contact us today to schedule a demo of our platform. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk more about why our platform is the ideal fit for your company.