A logistics company that uses the CloudLogix integration to support billing software

Our Integration Supports Billing Software for Logistics Company Needs

If you’re a business leader in supply chain logistics, chances are you’ve had to deal with headaches involving your billing software.

Whether you’re struggling to keep up with the latest software features and updates or battling a lack of integration between your billing systems, an inefficient billing system can drain resources and time.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. CloudLogix offers an integration with your billing software for logistics company needs. Find out more about how we can help solve everyday challenges.

4 Common Billing Problems in Supply Chain Logistics

Throughout the billing process, you may encounter frequent challenges. Which ones affect your company the most?

1. Inaccurate Billings

Inaccurate billing is one of the most common billing problems that supply chain logistics companies face. Without an efficient billing system and the proper software integration, discrepancies can occur when invoicing customers, tracking payments, and keeping accurate records of payment statuses.

2. Matching Invoices

Matching invoices to the correct facilities and ensuring that the right goods and services are correctly billed is another challenge. This challenge is especially prevalent when dealing with multiple customers, suppliers, and carriers in different locations. The process of manual entry and reconciliation can be time-consuming and opens the door to potentially costly mistakes.

3. Cost Allocation

Regarding cost center identification, logistics companies need software that can quickly and accurately allocate costs to the correct departments. Without this capability, companies may be unable to claim a tax deduction or charge the correct cost centers, resulting in a decline in profit margins.

4. Validating Charges

Companies may also struggle to identify legitimate charges for additional services or products billed to them. With manual data entry and reconciliation, businesses may not be able to see the complete picture of their billing processes.

The Root of the Problem: Poor Software Integration

One major issue lies at the heart of these challenges: poor software integration – and both carriers and shippers are affected.

On the carrier side, problems arise when they do not adhere to the correct tariff or match the shipment up to the proper quote. Others need better technology to invoice or receive electronic payments. Put together, these problems create a billing backlog that can take considerable time and resources to clear up.

For shippers, challenges often come up due to processes that aren’t matched to the volume or the multiple types of billing that they’ll receive. Shippers must give all of the proper reference numbers to the carrier and insist that the carrier provide that data on their invoices. However, without the right software integrations, this can be difficult – if not impossible – to accomplish.

By investing in software integration for your logistics company, you can streamline your company’s billing processes and prevent these headaches from spiraling out of control. That’s where CloudLogix comes into play.

How CloudLogix Can Streamline Your Company’s Billing Activity

At CloudLogix, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in the supply chain logistics space. That’s why we created a comprehensive solution to common billing problems. Our cloud-based platform integrates with various invoicing software solutions, allowing shippers to better match their data and manage their invoices.

The CloudLogix solution allows for invoices to be received in a multitude of ways, including:

  • EDI or API
  • Spreadsheets
  • PDF files
  • Fax

Our clients predetermine what business rules to apply to the audit process. CloudLogix then matches the invoices based on the client’s criteria and creates an exception report for non-compliant invoices. Our system also allows users to dispute discrepancies, allowing your team to stay on top of billing activity.

On top of these features, the CloudLogix platform provides carriers and our clients with role-based access to view relevant activity. This setup reduces communication waste and creates an audit trail of the entire process. As a result, our clients can easily access their data and make all-important decisions without wasting precious time or resources.

Above all else, CloudLogix can integrate with any ERP, accounting, or tracking system for shippers, vendors, and carriers. We have a number of ways to receive and transmit data to interested parties. We always use our clients’ system as the system of record but also keep transaction data for reference at any time, ensuring that data is accessible and always up-to-date.

CloudLogix: Full Support with Billing Software for Logistics Company

CloudLogix isn’t just a software provider. We’re a team of experienced supply chain logistics experts that can offer personalized guidance and tailored solutions. When you work with us, we’ll help you develop a strategy that fits your specific business and streamline billing processes so that you can focus your efforts on directly growing your business.

If the challenges of managing billing processes have taken a toll on your operation, take the next step and schedule a consultation with the CloudLogix team. We’ll show you how your business can use our system’s integrations to support your billing function and offer insights into how you can improve your supply chain management. We’ll also show you how our solution’s other features can improve your entire supply chain:

  • Increased visibility
  • Better logistics tracking
  • Improved efficiency

Take your supply chain logistics operations to the next level by contacting us today to discuss the capabilities of our CloudLogix platform. We look forward to discussing how our integration supports billing software for logistics company needs.