A supply chain professional using procurement and inventory management software.

Our Procurement and Inventory Management Software Streamlines Activity

A robust supply chain is the backbone of any procurement and inventory management system. CloudLogix understands the need for a streamlined and efficient supply chain management system, so we provide a robust cloud-based platform to help your company achieve its goals.

Our intuitive procurement and inventory management software increases visibility and control, simplifies data management, and allows you to track the entire chain from production to delivery in real-time — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

The result? A more organized, efficient, and cost-effective operation that harmonizes the needs of procurement and inventory management. Let’s take a closer look.

Optimizing the Relationship Between Procurement and Inventory Management

Procurement and inventory management have a symbiotic relationship in the supply chain. Managers must communicate effectively with each other as a team to determine what they have and when they need more. That’s why using a single platform to support these efforts simultaneously is vital. CloudLogix’s platform easily connects the two, simplifying activity for both teams and eliminating the need for duplicative efforts.

Not only does a single platform help to communicate milestones and other information to track items and needs, but it also serves as a “checks and balances” system to identify any areas of improvement.

– For example, a procurement manager might see that they’re running low on a specific item, which might be a surprise considering they just ordered a batch of products recently. Using our platform, they can investigate the ordering process to see where that purchase fits in the larger supply chain.

Perhaps there needs to be another cycle count, or maybe there’s an issue with receiving and stocking. The inventory manager can then be prompted to investigate further and make a suggestion for improvement.

In short, the CloudLogix platform is the bridge between procurement and inventory management — and it brings a level of transparency and efficiency that’s hard to find elsewhere.

How Each Role Can Benefit From a Single Platform

Switching to a streamlined platform can benefit procurement and inventory managers in various ways. Each of these roles has specific data points they need to track, which can be quickly tracked and reported on with a single platform.

Procurement Managers

The role of a procurement manager is to coordinate several moving parts exponentially. Being able to accomplish that from a central location is paramount to their efficiency — both personally and at a company level.

Using one platform allows the procurement manager to foresee a product running low. They can also quickly check to see if they’ve already placed more orders or if any shipments are in transit to fulfill the need. They can then place another order for more before inventory levels are below acceptable levels. Being able to make changes in real time is a game-changing efficiency upgrade for procurement teams.

Inventory Managers

The inventory manager might be responsible for ensuring the product is received and stocked. Still, they also need to be kept in the loop about when products are running low, allowing them to correctly forecast their needs and plan for the future. But making critical decisions is difficult when they’re not aware of changes in the system.

With CloudLogix, the inventory manager can easily access data points to determine what needs to be shipped, delivered, and tracked. If something is low, the inventory manager can check the CloudLogix platform to see if there happens to be more in transit. They can also anticipate any potential shortages or issues before they happen and make receiving arrangements for incoming items.

A single platform can also reduce back-and-forth emails between the two departments, which can help to cut down on communication waste. By viewing key information from the procurement department first-hand, inventory managers don’t need to call procurement for information or to advise of any issues.

  • Everyone sees what they need to see.
  • All erroneous communication is avoided.
  • Clear information leads to quicker decisions!

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, including the end customer, who will benefit from quicker and more accurate product delivery.

Simplify Supply Chain Operations with Our Procurement and Inventory Management Software

Wasted time is wasted money. Back-and-forth emails and separate systems can cause a delay in much-needed supply chain communication. But CloudLogix’s platform eliminates the need for manual tasks and sends updates in real time.

By combining the efforts of both procurement and inventory departments, companies can benefit from improved collaboration and better decision-making.

At the end of the day, it makes sense to streamline your operations in this manner. Why make things harder than they have to be? Everyone should be able to perform their job functions quickly and effectively without spending time tracking down information or putting out fires. Everyone saves time, money, and stress by accomplishing procurement and inventory goals. CloudLogix helps you get there.

We want to show you how the CloudLogix platform can help streamline your supply chain and improve communication between procurement and inventory managers. Contact us today to schedule a demo of our cutting-edge procurement and inventory management software.

See for yourself how CloudLogix can replace disparate pieces of software to streamline your supply chain operations.