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Warehouse that is susceptible to the challenges of supply chain integration

5 Challenges of Supply Chain Integration That Can Be Easily Solved

Software tools. Your company has lots of them, right? One piece of software for supply chain communication, another one for order management, one more for tracking invoices, a few spreadsheets with chunks of data about products and shipment dates, and …

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A supply chain professional using ERP software for supply chain management

How ERP and Supply Chain Management Go Together

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer powerful capabilities to help companies run their business more efficiently. ERPs are incredibly valuable in today’s fast-paced business environment because they provide stakeholders with insights into business areas to support decision-making. ERPs can pull …

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Supply chain professionals working through challenges with global invoice management

Use CloudLogix to Support Global Invoice Management For Your Company

In an increasingly globalized world, companies are expanding their reach to new markets, which means they also deal with a wider range of suppliers, vendors, and customers. This can make it difficult to manage invoices and keep track of spending. …

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A warehouse manager speaking with a vendor on the phone after finding out more about how to talk with vendors

How to Talk with Vendors to Streamline Processes!

Vendors are a necessary part of any successful supply chain. Your company can’t do everything on your own; you need reliable partners that can help you move product quickly and efficiently through the supply chain according to your timeline and …

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A logistics professional using a supply chain collaboration platform in the warehouse

7 Advantages of Using a Supply Chain Collaboration Platform

Illegible paper records. Disconnected software applications. Multiple spreadsheets by multiple parties. Email exchanges back and forth. (Did you CC everyone that needs to be on the email?) These are just a few communication headaches that supply chain logistics professionals are …

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Shipping containers moved into a cargo terminal after the company evaluated their demand planning vs. supply planning needs

Demand Planning vs Supply Planning: What’s the Difference?

Demand planning and supply planning go hand-in-hand. Companies need to be able to plan for the expected customer demand for their goods, products, and inventory. They also need to plan how to meet this demand by allocating the appropriate amount …

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