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Logistics professionals working through issues that affect transportation and distribution management

Key Factors that Affect Transportation and Distribution Management

For many supply chain leaders, the past few years have felt like a repeated pattern of identifying problems and trying to put out fires in transportation and distribution management. This has led to increased costs, reduced profits, and a tremendous …

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Supply chain innovation at work

The Latest in Supply Chain Innovation

U.S. companies spend billions of dollars every year on logistics and supply chain technology designed to help supply chain logistics companies operate smarter and more efficiently. Fortunately, there has been so much progress in supply chain innovation over the past …

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A ship carrying containers trying to reach destination during global supply chain crisis

Are We Heading Out of the Global Supply Chain Crisis?

If there’s one thing that has been constant over the past few years, it’s been the global supply chain crisis. It seems like, every month, there is a new challenge that has strained fragile supply chain systems: Ships stuck in …

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A warehouse employee using software for logistics

What Kind of Software is Used in Logistics?

Companies that operate in supply chain logistics can quickly become overwhelmed by the software choices to manage various aspects of moving goods from one location to another. Because there are so many options, we want to present you with a …

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Should You Invoice Before Delivery of Goods?

Invoicing can quickly become complicated in supply chain logistics if you do not have the appropriate systems, processes, and software to support this effort in your industry. One of the most complex issues is deciding whether to invoice before delivery …

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Solving current supply chain issues in the trucking industry to prevent truckers from sitting idly

The Trucking Problem: How to Solve Current Supply Chain Issues

The trucking industry plays a critical role in moving shipments from one location to another. But, the combination of a labor shortage, the wrong incentives for players in the supply chain, and a lack of efficiencies have created tremendous stress …

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