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Are You Still Contacting Carriers for Quotes?

Sometimes shipments require a specialized approach that a standard rate shipping tool cannot provide. Perhaps you need quotes from carriers that don’t have contracted rates. Or maybe these carriers don’t have the ability to automate this process. Fortunately for you, …

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TMS Software Install

5 Tips for Harmonious TMS Software Implementation

We’ve spent over a decade facilitating logistics and supply chain software implementation projects for clients. Sometimes, the software implementation process can become contentious when involving IT or software development teams. We would like to share a few tips we’ve learned …

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Not to Pick on Debbie, But There’s a Better Way

You might be focused on reducing supply chain costs over time by adopting the latest, greatest software tool. Or, you are thinking about making contractual changes with your transportation providers. But, let’s also think about Debbie in Accounting: – How …

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How Important is Software Cost to Streamline Your Supply Chain?

Consider this common scenario for logistics companies: – Your company is looking for a tool to streamline your supply chain. – Your focus is collecting freight bill data in one place or perhaps finding a one-stop shipping solution. – Wherever …

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CloudLogix Featured in Transportation & Logistics International

We are proud that our company was featured in Transportation & Logistics International for our support of StandardAero, a global aerospace service provider. By implementing our LoadStar TMS solution company-wide, the client is better able to manage shipping operations and …

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What are the Keys to Minimizing Shipping Expenses?

There is a famous quote from Peter Drucker, an author and leader in modern business management, that says: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” This concept applies directly to you minimizing your organization’s shipping expenses. It all …

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