Not to Pick on Debbie, But There’s a Better Way

You might be focused on reducing supply chain costs over time by adopting the latest, greatest software tool. Or, you are thinking about making contractual changes with your transportation providers. But, let’s also think about Debbie in Accounting:

– How is she coding those freight invoices every week?
– Does she have to pull spreadsheets from various places?
– Who else is involved in the process?
– Can any of it be automated? Better yet, can all of it be automated?
– Is Debbie doing it this way because that’s how she’s always done it?

Not to pick on Debbie, but maybe there is a better way.

Process improvements save time, and we all know that time is money. Efficient software is critical, but you will receive the maximum benefit when the software is coupled with efficient procedures. There are likely several areas that can be optimized.

Where Do You Start Trying to Blend Software and Processes?

You might already have a hunch where you can impact the most change. Start there. Otherwise, start identifying where spreadsheets are used. Then, ask these questions:

– Are the spreadsheets necessary?
– What processes are being followed today that seem to have the most manual steps or involve the most people?
– Is there something you’ve always wanted to measure but were unable to?
– Do you have data that always seems to have issues or mistakes?

Can Your Software Accomplish Your Necessary Tasks?

Hopefully, you have a software provider that you can speak with about your day-to-day processes and gain additional input on the software capabilities. If you do not, consider how CloudLogix can help.

We do not just sell off-the-shelf software — we help you find solutions. Our software is simply the tool that can help accomplish the solutions.

Whether you’re looking for new software or if you are only focused on process improvements, CloudLogix is up for the task. Don’t let Debbie in Accounting dictate your decision-making. Let’s talk about a cost-saving solution that makes everyone happy, even Debbie. Contact us today for a consultation about optimizing your supply chain.