A business owner using supply chain management software for their small business

Should You Use Supply Chain Management Software for Small Business?

As an owner or manager of a small business, you know how important it is to stay on top of your inventory demands and production schedules. When orders start to pile up, it’s tempting to try and manage them yourself. But as your business grows, you may need a dedicated supply chain software solution to help keep your operations running smoothly.

Supply chain and warehouse management software will enable you to better handle the ever-increasing complexities of fulfillment and production. These tools help with:

  • Keeping track of inventory levels.
  • Streamlining communication with customers.
  • Optimizing production schedules.

Implementing supply chain management software for small business can lead to reduced costs, improved customer service, and higher profits for your business. But how do you know when it’s the right time to invest in this type of solution? Let’s take a closer look.

5 Signs That You May Need Supply Chain Management Software

Managing orders with spreadsheets, email, and manual processes might work for a while. However, if you see any of the following signs, consider investing in supply chain management software for your company.

1. More Time Spent on Administrative Tasks Than Primary Functions

If you’re spending more time managing orders and tracking inventory than actually fulfilling them, it’s a sign that your current process could be more efficient.

From automating repetitive tasks to providing real-time inventory management visibility, an effective supply chain management system can help you streamline your operations to focus on more important tasks. The result? More time to drive your business forward.

2. Finding Information is a Chore

It should only take a minute or two to get the information or answers you need. If it’s taking longer to provide answers — or if the answers are scattered across multiple software applications — it’s time to look into supply chain software.

With an integrated solution, you’ll have everything in one place, making it easy to see what’s going on at any given time.

3. You’re Bombarded With Questions

When people are coming to you for answers without the ability to quickly find them on their own, it’s a sign that you need to provide more visibility into your processes.

With supply chain software, stakeholders from all parts of the organization can access the relevant information they need – when they need it. You’ll no longer be a bottleneck, and everyone can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the supply chain.

4. Response Time Complaints Are Rising

Customers, vendors, and partners alike will be happier if they can quickly get accurate information about orders. Supply chain management software for small business can help eliminate communication waste and improve stakeholder relationships!

With automated alerts and notifications, you won’t have to worry about manually sending out updates, and your team can stay on top of any issues that arise. As a result, supplier relationships will improve, customers will be more satisfied, and your bottom line will benefit.

5. Closing a Deal Means Quickly Scaling Up

Ideally, you’ll be able to predict the ebbs and flows of demand to scale your operations appropriately. However, effective demand planning is nearly impossible if you’re still relying on spreadsheets.

The right supply chain software platform can help you plan for growth, respond quickly to spikes in demand, and ensure that your operations are running at peak efficiency no matter what comes your way.

Make the Right Choice of Supply Chain Management Software for Small Business

The tipping point for when you should consider investing in a supply chain management system will depend on the size and complexity of your operations. But to put it simply, as soon as you realize business is ramping up, administrative and operating costs are out of control, and frustrations are mounting with current operations, it’s time!

Making the best choice now can help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure that your organization is ready for the next stage of growth.

Why Choose CloudLogix?

Not just any supply chain software will do. It would be best if you had a solution tailored to your organization’s unique needs and could scale with you as your business grows. When you turn to CloudLogix, you’ll get all of that and more.

Our powerful, cloud-based supply chain logistics platform provides real-time visibility into inventory and orders, so you can make informed decisions when it matters most. We can also help you adapt to market changes that affect the small business supply chain.

We are small business-friendly! CloudLogix allows you to accomplish exactly what you need without inflated costs, bloated software, and long implementation times — all of which can be a huge drain on your resources. Our goal is to help you accomplish your goals quickly and scale with you as your needs change in a cost-effective way.

We also personally support you throughout our entire relationship and provide you with a level of service that’s tough to beat. With our team of experts by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll always get the guidance you need to succeed. By investing in CloudLogix, you’re investing in the future of your business.

Interested in learning more about how our team can help your company transition to dedicated supply chain management software for small business? We invite you to schedule a demo of the CloudLogix platform. Contact us today to get started!