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Are You Still Contacting Carriers for Quotes?

Sometimes shipments require a specialized approach that a standard rate shipping tool cannot provide. Perhaps you need quotes from carriers that don’t have contracted rates. Or maybe these carriers don’t have the ability to automate this process.

Fortunately for you, there is a better way to handle these exceptions that no longer requires you to individually call and email multiple carriers for quotes.

Let the Shipping Rates Come To You!

Our custom quote tool, LoadQuote, is fully equipped with email alerts, system notifications, and the ability for you to communicate with your carriers simultaneously and effortlessly.

LoadQuote exists within our LoadStar Shipping software, requiring no additional installation or add-ons for customers who currently utilize our signature TMS tool.

How LoadQuote Works

Whether your carriers are big or small, you can reach them all through LoadQuote.

Each carrier will receive your request and have the ability to submit a custom rate generated specifically for you. Then, you can award and dispatch your shipment for pickup, while the carriers not chosen for the shipment are advised as such.

Increase efficiency today by trying our LoadStar custom quote feature! With LoadQuote by CloudLogix, you don’t have to worry about phone calls or emails again to find custom shipping rates.

Not a current CloudLogix customer? Contact Jay-Lynn Wallace today to discuss why LoadStar Shipping and our LoadQuote tool are right for your business.