A warehouse manager using supply chain management software.

Supply Chain Management Software Features You Need

Supply chain management software can be a powerful tool for managing the operations of your business, helping you optimize and streamline processes and eliminate costly errors and delays.

While each business has varying needs, some software features are essential to achieve optimal performance. The following are some must-have supply chain management software features we offer in our CloudLogix platform that can help you bring your operations to the next level.

CloudLogix: Our Supply Chain Management Software Features

CloudLogix is an all-in-one solution designed to help you make intelligent decisions and improve your supply chain performance. Discover the built-in features of our platform!

Order Management

Managing a large volume of orders efficiently and accurately is critical for the success of any supply chain. However, conventional order management systems can often be inefficient, resulting in costly mistakes and delays. Information can get lost in the shuffle, and orders can slip through the cracks.

CloudLogix offers an intuitive order management system that allows you to easily monitor and manage orders in one compliant platform. It also integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, ensuring accuracy across your entire supply chain. This integration eliminates the need for multiple, disjointed systems and gives you a clear, comprehensive view of your orders.

Do you work with hundreds or thousands of vendors? Our platform also includes a vendor portal feature that lets vendors view their orders and track delivery, simplifying collaboration within your supply chain.

Plus, buyer management tools enable you to process orders quickly and manage suppliers, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. You can also set custom early/over-ship rules and thresholds to ensure orders are delivered within the agreed timeframe.

And with a robust training module, the CloudLogix platform allows you to smoothly onboard new team members and ensure everyone is up to speed on all order management processes.

Centralized Shipment Tracking

Without the right software in place, keeping track of shipments across various routes can be a monumental challenge. When multiple parties are involved, back-and-forth communication can slow down operations and tie up resources that could instead be allocated to tasks that drive growth.

Our centralized shipment tracking feature eliminates the need for manual updates. This feature offers a real-time view of all moving items from a single portal.

  • All key parties can access real-time information on shipments.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders is seamless.
  • No more switching between different carrier websites for tracking.
  • Communication waste is eliminated – no more convoluted emails with stale spreadsheet data or waiting on return phone calls.

With CloudLogix, everyone is always in the loop with just a few clicks.

For example, you can address surprises that easily derail the supply chain. Our centralized shipment tracking feature shows the status of non-delivered shipments at a glance and offers quick access to each carrier’s tracking page for further details. If a shipment of raw materials is held due to an incorrect document or customs issue, the item is automatically flagged and escalated proactively.

It’s never been easier to stay in the know, and your operations can only benefit.

Carrier Visibility

Efficient supply chain management requires visibility into the performance and cost of each carrier to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, manually tracking and monitoring KPIs is highly time-consuming and prone to errors.

The carrier visibility feature within the CloudLogix platform solves this common challenge by connecting all of your organization’s shipping processes into one system. You get a comprehensive view of all carriers in a robust dashboard view, making rate shopping, pickup scheduling, and route optimization more effortless.

Custom premium rules and custom bid groups empower you to tailor your carrier selection to your specific needs. Templates allow swift setup for new carriers, plus the saved addresses and contacts functionality reduces data entry time.

Shipping documents and receiving labels are integrated directly into the platform, giving your team a single source of truth for everything related to shipments. ASN generation is also available, eliminating the need for manual input.

Invoice Management

Complex invoicing requirements increase the risk of missed payments and leave the door open for disputes. Approvals and corrections must be made promptly, and without the right technology in place, such supply chain processes can quickly become unwieldy.

Our invoice management feature helps to minimize these risks with a straightforward yet powerful set of invoicing tools:

  • Custom audit rules can be created to monitor payments and flag discrepancies.
  • Rollback features enable you to recover quickly from any errors.
  • Site/GL assignment and approve/dispute/reassign workflows make it easy to stay on top of invoice management.

By automating and streamlining invoice reconciliation tasks, CloudLogix gives you more time to focus on what matters – growing your business.

Other highlights of our invoice management features include statement creation by site, remit generation, payment management, logging/history tracking, and more. All of this is done with the security of a robust permission system to ensure that only authorized personnel view sensitive data.

Real-Time Reporting

Decision-making is much more effective when supported by real-time data. With the reporting feature in CloudLogix, you get powerful analytics and visualizations to make informed supply chain decisions:

  • Quickly identify trends
  • Uncover cost savings opportunities
  • Spot underperforming areas

These reports also allow for more effective inventory management and warehouse management by providing data necessary to execute production planning.

Orders/approvals, shipments, invoices, and bids can all be tracked in real-time, and it’s easy to customize the reports to fit your particular needs. Stakeholders throughout the supply chain can use the insights gained from these reports to make better decisions and ensure their operations are running as efficiently as possible.

The result is a comprehensive picture of your supply chain, enabling data-driven action.

See These Features in Action

Effective supply chain planning is within reach. CloudLogix provides all of the supply chain management software features and integrations you need to optimize your supply chain operations.

Contact our team today to schedule a demo of the CloudLogix platform. See how our supply chain management solution can help your business reduce costs, save time, and reach its goals. We look forward to helping you take the next step in supply chain success!