Supply chain logistics professionals reviewing cargo needing TMS tracking to stay on track

TMS Tracking in One Simple Dashboard

Our mission in 2022 is to help supply chain leaders and decision-makers regain control of their supply chain through our robust CloudLogix platform and expert support.

We recognize that over the past two years, the stream of disruptions, COVID-related curveballs, and increased pressure to meet fulfillment deadlines has created a hectic landscape. We want to help simplify your supply chain and support TMS tracking by providing you with one simple dashboard to manage shipping processes, orders, and communication with all parties.

No longer should you have to slog through spreadsheets and multiple pieces of software to make critical decisions. Instead, when you work with CloudLogix, you’ll gain real-time visibility into your supply chain so that you can make fast, informed decisions! Here’s how.

Why Have One Dashboard for TMS Tracking?

As you know, there are many steps involved when moving raw materials or finished products from one location to another. Keeping track of the movements of each item is critical for reducing costs, staying on time, and maintaining good working relationships with your partners.

Unfortunately, many companies have accepted rising costs, delays, and partner disagreements as part of the cost of doing business. No more! We can help your team break that mentality by addressing common problems related to tracking and managing shipments.

  • Do you have one spreadsheet/tool for each vendor, supplier, and partner?
  • Do you have one spreadsheet/tool to track each stage of the shipping process?
  • Do you have one spreadsheet/tool with product details for each item?
  • Do you have one spreadsheet/tool with tracking information from each carrier?
  • Do you have one spreadsheet/tool with invoicing details for each item?
  • Are you tired of having all of these spreadsheets?
  • Are you tired of inefficient communication?

So many issues result from not having the appropriate platform to manage all of this information. When using multiple spreadsheets or tools, your team members and partners become unsure about where to update information, which information is the most accurate, and the true status of each shipment.

That’s why you need access to one platform — with one dashboard — to simplify the complexity. Having access to one dashboard for TMS tracking provides you with a single source of truth and a common view that everyone can utilize in real-time. This way, you can eliminate communication waste and simplify your supply chain by centralizing data in one location.

  • No more back-and-forth emails to confirm details
  • No more phone tag attempting to verify information
  • No more miscommunications about who made the last update

Use the Dashboard in Our CloudLogix Platform

The platform that we recommend is our CloudLogix supply chain logistics solution. Here’s why.

– Order Management: We provide you with a configurable dashboard that you can use to view all orders in real-time, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of software or spreadsheets.

– Carrier Visibility: You can connect and manage all of your shipping processes in our platform and utilize the Carrier Dashboard View to achieve greater visibility. This will help you shop for the best rates, schedule pickups, produce shopping documents, and generate labels. All from one view!

– Invoicing: When it’s time for invoicing, your team will save time, effort, and resources by grabbing critical information from one location. This will help your company address complex invoicing requirements in a fraction of time compared to trying to track down details from multiple locations or people.

– Integrations: Our solution is flexible to meet your needs. Whether you need to replace your existing software tools completely, or if you just need a bolt-on solution to centralize information, we have a solution for you!

The CloudLogix platform plays well with others. We built the platform to integrate with the tools that you are already using in your supply chain. Our platform can accept data from just about any source and translate it into a workable format that can be utilized across the supply chain and displayed in a single dashboard.

  • Everyone can view the latest information about each shipment.
  • Everyone can see the latest tracking update.
  • Everyone can communicate and solve problems together.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Demo!

Having one dashboard for TMS tracking sounds simple enough. But, we understand there are a lot of habits that need to be broken and some new processes that need to be implemented.

Fortunately, we are well-versed in how to help companies break their dependency on cumbersome spreadsheets, outdated software tools, and time-consuming manual processes.

We don’t just provide you with a software solution and let you figure it out. We’re there with you every step of the way so that you can take advantage of using one simple, clean, organized dashboard to manage shipments.

Let’s talk about how the CloudLogix platform can help simplify your supply chain so that you can regain control of your shipments!

Contact us today to schedule a demo of our platform. We can show you all the ways that CloudLogix solves supply chain challenges.