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Use Our Container Tracking Software to Efficiently Manage Freight

There’s more than just raw materials and finished products crossing international waters in containers traveling worldwide on cargo ships. Every container holds something priceless, something that can’t be insured. It’s the customer experience.

Whether you’re a retailer importing sweaters for the fall season or a national auto dealer placing a bulk order for international parts to clear a major recall, a lot is at stake with every container.

Delays may mean the retailer misses a prime shopping window, leading to markdowns and surplus inventory. Extended delays may cost the auto dealer millions in free rental car services, hours of lost time as they continually field customer complaints, and a reduced pipeline as impacted customers look to other makes and models for their next purchase.

No matter your industry, it’s essential that you have access to robust container tracking software. Learn why a centralized tracking system like CloudLogix can simplify the complexity of even the most complicated global supply chain.

CloudLogix Delivers End-to-End Container Tracking

CloudLogix is a central hub connecting and streamlining your supply chain – including your container tracking efforts. CloudLogix can integrate with and/or provide an access point for all the parties involved who help move a container from its home country through delivery in the United States.

Our solution gives access to involved parties to update the system, centralize the data, and realize real-time visibility. CloudLogix gets you the information you need to bring predictability to your international shipping efforts

Critical Container Tracking Information At Your Fingertips

Knowing the container number, sailing date, and vessel information are table stakes in your role. But you’re reliant on other people to get you this information. While your container is a top priority, external parties may be managing hundreds of containers this week alone.

Using container tracking software, you can gather additional critical details about the status of your shipment:

  • When your container is dropped at a shipper.
  • When it’s delivered to the departing port.
  • When it’s loaded onto the ship.

Once the ship docks at the arriving port, you want to know that it has been safely offloaded and cleared all customs requirements. From here, you’re focused on the method and carrier for onforwarding to the final destination, along with any updated tracking numbers.

Unfortunately, language barriers and time differences can bog down this information flow, making it challenging to log into different systems and find what you need. There’s a lot of information at many people’s fingertips, and you need it on demand. Having the right technology in place can help you overcome these roadblocks.

Empower the People Key to Your Container’s Success

A host of people in different countries with different ways of doing things in different languages are all responsible for ensuring your container is loaded on the correct ship on the correct date for the correct sailing. You can’t afford a mistake because it could turn an on-time shipment into a very delayed shipment, creating even more costs and headaches.

CloudLogix can help bridge the international communication gap across the supply chain, integrating system updates and offering role-based access for each participant to upload information. Consider the roles our platform can help you connect with:

  • Shipper
  • Intermediary (broker or freight forwarder)
  • Drayage
  • Carrier
  • Terminal Operators
  • Consignees

CloudLogix can also enhance your ability to communicate with port authorities and customs authorities. Using the data in the system, you can quickly access data and use the information to discuss your freight with authorities, keeping you on track with your timeline.

Challenges are Magnified on an International Scale

Port staffing issues, a blockage in the Suez Canal, a lack of shipping containers, and other global shipping headaches have caused delays for thousands of companies over the past few years. It’s essential to have contingency plans for your contingency plans as you navigate severe weather, port congestion, mechanical issues across the journey, and human error.

With CloudLogix on your team, you’ll be better prepared to navigate – and plan for – the following headaches.

Lack of Visibility About the Status of a Container

Not knowing if your container has made it onto a vessel or is still waiting for customs clearance is maddening. At transfer points in the process, it can feel like your container has gone into a black hole.

With CloudLogix, you’ll have a direct line of sight and can reach out to the right person to expedite the process.

Documentation Problems

Documentation issues like an incorrect or missing label can send the whole process backward. Sometimes your intermediary may go radio silent (definitely not the experience you want) as they work out the issue.

With CloudLogix, you have visibility to the documentation issue and blockage point to work toward a resolution.

Disruptions on the Timeline

Timeline interruptions during shipping can impact numerous departments across your business. With real-time access to carrier delays and cancellations, you can keep internal stakeholders in the know, and work to meet the requirements of the demand chain.

For example, you can focus on expediting inland transportation, devanning at the port, and adjusting distribution strategies to meet demand.

Our Container Tracking Software Brings Global Home

CloudLogix integrates with major international carriers, giving you an easy way to view the status of each in-transit shipment on one screen.

With CloudLogix centralizing your data, you’ll have access to dashboards showing you visualizations rather than row upon row of information. But if you want to review the nitty-gritty details, that’s there for you, too!

You’ll also spend less time reactively dealing with shipping fire drills because you can proactively adjust and correct throughout each container’s journey. You can also rely on our notification system to alert you when there’s a change in a shipment’s status.

We support these features and functionality with the best customer experience for your internal team, external partners, and key stakeholders.

CloudLogix: Aligned with the KPIs of Logistics Professionals

Developing insights that streamline and improve your company’s supply chain can help you get the job done – and move ahead in your career. Built by logistics experts, CloudLogix aligns with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to which today’s proactive logistics professionals are held accountable.

Imagine what real-time visibility to container tracking – and your entire supply chain – would mean for you and your company.

  • Delivery accuracy and timeliness
  • Inventory accuracy and reduced turnover rate
  • Reduced transportation and logistics costs
  • Improved order fulfillment and lead times
  • Improved carrier performance and compliance
  • Reduced freight spend
  • Leverage for carrier negotiations
  • Better warehouse space utilization

See CloudLogix in Action Today

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