A warehouse manager using customized supply chain software from his supply chain software development company.

Why You Need a Flexible Supply Chain Software Development Company

If you are a business owner, you know that having a flexible supply chain is essential to your success. However, finding the right supply chain software isn’t as simple as walking into a big-box electronics store and plucking a box off the shelf.

There are dozens of choices, and it’s difficult to know which software will work best for your company’s unique requirements – not only the needs you have today but also in the future as your company grows and changes.

The solution is to work with a supply chain software development company that can help you adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. At CloudLogix, we work with businesses of all sizes to create configurable software solutions that meet their specific needs.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, and we are committed to creating solutions tailored to each client.

Here are some of our supply chain software features that demonstrate why the CloudLogix platform is the ideal solution to support companies’ supply chain and logistics needs across multiple industries.

Configurable Supply Chain Software

When you are trying to quickly and efficiently navigate your supply chain software, the last thing you want is a dozen irrelevant tabs, windows, or features that make it more difficult to find and utilize the data and information you need.

We anticipated that issue, and we wrote our software to allow us to toggle on and off certain features as you see fit so you only deploy what you need.

This ability to adjust the software to your needs increases your productivity and allows you to work without distractions or interference from irrelevant features.

Useable Dashboard and Functions

A key feature of any software is the ability to alter its functions as you see fit, without needing to contact an outside party. For example, if you need to add or remove users or grant new users certain functions or access.

It could cause a bottleneck to your workflow if you had to contact your supply chain software development company every time you needed to grant access to a new employee.

We provide a convenient and easy-to-use admin section to give you the direct ability to make changes when you need them.  You don’t have to wait on someone to get back to you.

Adaptable to Your Supply Chain Growth

It’s also important to have software that can grow and change as your company does. If you open a new location or hire multiple new employees, you don’t want to have to wait for an update to your supply chain software, or worse, outgrow your software and have to find a new solution to fit the new contours of your business.

Our system can easily accommodate changes to workflows, business rules, locations, users, and much more. It’s scalable so that it can expand as your company grows, and it will adapt to the new size and conditions of your business needs.

Modifiable, Customizable Features

What if you discover a feature that you want but that your software doesn’t include? Or what if you have an idea for a feature that no supply chain development software seems to contain?

We have a solution for that issue, too. With the CloudLogix platform, you are not stuck with an “off the shelf” product.  In addition to a highly configurable system, we love to collaborate on new features that we can customize for your specific needs.

Our Successes as a Supply Chain Software Development Company

We had a client that hired an outside company to perform freight bill audit and pay services.  Our software easily gave them the extra screens and invoice statuses they needed for their new partner.  All parties could perform their essential duties, and everyone had the appropriate workflow visibility.

Another client acquired new locations and projects, meaning they needed to add new sites, users, and cost centers for accounting. They were able to complete all configuration steps with ease in a matter of minutes.

CloudLogix does not just provide a piece of software to streamline your supply chain. We offer industry-leading customer service support to help you utilize the software to save costs, increase efficiencies, and improve visibility throughout the supply chain.

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