A supply chain professional walking through a warehouse with laptop in hand supporting freight invoice management

You Don’t Need Spreadsheets for Freight Invoice Management

Companies throughout the supply chain felt the effects of increased order volumes and less time to fulfill orders in 2021. A delay here, a miscommunication there, and the constant threat of disruption created a very challenging set of circumstances keeping up with orders.

Compounding the problem is that many companies were dependent on manual processes and manual-entry spreadsheets. Or, some companies that started to dip their toe into a digital transformation returned to using spreadsheets, trying to survive all of this year’s challenges.

One area that was undoubtedly affected by dependence on spreadsheets was freight invoice management. Utilizing spreadsheets created huge potential for supply chain miscommunication, inaccuracies, billing issues, and a host of other problems in the carrier-shipper relationship. This certainly affected accounting or billing departments!

Fortunately, the best way to support freight invoice management doesn’t require spreadsheets.

Freight Invoice Management: CloudLogix Solves Spreadsheets

We get it; spreadsheets are comfortable, and training your entire team on a new platform is intimidating. When there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to manage freight invoices in the first place, spreadsheets tend to be the fallback.

This is where CloudLogix can help. With helpful and straightforward onboarding of our technology, we’ll get you up and running quickly to help you support your freight invoice management. We’ve been in your shoes before, so we know exactly what you’re going through and what issues may arise when trying to modernize your operations.

That’s why we built the robust CloudLogix platform in the first place! We wanted to help companies and provide a better avenue of communication and documentation for each key asset in the supply chain. We blended our expertise in supply chain logistics, technology, and customer service to create a platform that everyone on your team can utilize.

Freight Invoice Problems Solved with CloudLogix

Here are some of the common challenges companies are facing that CloudLogix can help you solve:

  • Wasted time tracking down basic information such as freight descriptions, weight, point of origin, etc
  • Difficulty communicating with supply chain partners to verify unclear details
  • Multiple versions of spreadsheets, making it difficult to understand which spreadsheet has the latest freight invoice information
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities for who should be updating invoices
  • Lack of communication about when a freight invoice has been processed
  • Billing errors caused by multiple versions of invoices or discrepancies
  • Audit problems due to an inconsistent paper trail

CloudLogix solves these problems by optimizing communication, connecting and managing your shipping processes in one location, creating a single version of the truth, and offering you a set of tools for invoice management.

We provide full visibility from purchase order acceptance to delivery, which feeds directly into invoice management. You can manage all of your freight invoices in one easy platform. Then, the system can audit and allocate each invoice to your cost centers. No more multiple spreadsheets for each invoice function! It all happens in one place.

Plus, you can assign roles and responsibilities by user. You no longer have to review a spreadsheet trying to guess whether someone completed their duties, then send an email, wait for a response, and hold up freight invoice processing. And, you can easily bring your partners onboard utilizing a centralized platform. Communication is streamlined and your processes for freight invoice management are simplified.

Talk to CloudLogix About Freight Invoice Management

It’s time to solve freight invoice challenges. The answer is not more spreadsheets; it’s ​​a centralized supply chain that allows you to get the job done faster and with accuracy.

We would appreciate the opportunity to talk more about how we support billing, invoicing, and accounting teams. We have a solution for your company to simplify the supply chain so that you can process invoices efficiently, keep up with increased orders, and reduce billing errors. Let’s help you retire spreadsheets once and for all.

Contact us today to schedule a demo of our CloudLogix platform. We can help identify a solution for your company!