CloudLogix for Aerospace and Aviation: Your Buyer’s Guide

There are many software options for aviation and aerospace supply chain management. But what makes CloudLogix right for your business?

Aerospace experts were surveyed about the specific challenges faced by the industry today. Thanks to our friends at On Demand Advisors who conducted the survey, we were able to identify 6 critical areas supply chain software must address, including:

  • See the full picture in one dashboard, on one screen
  • Increase shipping transparency and cost-efficiency
  • Integrate with existing ERP and software easily

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Your supply chain needs to be efficient and transparent.

Juggling the needs of thousands of suppliers and selecting from hundreds of carriers – while confined by broken, outdated order tracking methods – will cost you serious time and money.

CloudLogix provides aerospace companies with end-to-end visibility over their entire supply chain. Our software serves as your at-a-glance central hub to connect and streamline every aspect of your supply chain.

Problems Solved Through CloudLogix

Shipping disruptions due to global turmoil.

Demanding deadlines to complete assembly.

Unreliable availability of raw materials.

Multi-year, high-volume contracts in an inflationary market.

Vague or incomplete shipping updates.

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