How We Simplify Your Supply Chain

The CloudLogix supply chain software platform serves as a central hub to connect and streamline your supply chain.

Your Path to a Simplified Supply Chain


Bridge gaps in communication and eliminate mistakes.


End-to-end shipment visibility between stakeholders.


Generate accurate reports instantly with centralized data.


A friendly, fast support team to meet your needs.


Tiered pricing to meet the needs of your supply chain.


Integrate with existing ERP tools and systems to seamlessly manage data across your supply chain.

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CloudLogix Supply Chain Software Features

Order Management

View all orders in one compliant platform, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of software or spreadsheets.

  • ERP Integration
  • Vendor Portal
  • Order Release
  • Custom Early/Over Ship Rules
  • Buyer Management
  • Robust Training Module

Centralized Shipment Tracking

Instantly see the latest tracking status of each shipment in your supply chain. Take advantage of our easy, upfront view of all moving items at any given time from a single portal in real-time. Eliminate unexpected surprises using Centralized Tracking:

  • See the status of non-delivered shipments at a glance
  • No more navigating to different carrier websites for tracking
  • No more emailing stale spreadsheet data within your company
  • Quick access to each carrier’s tracking page to view additional information if needed

Carrier Visibility

Connect and manage all of your shipping processes.

  • Carrier Dashboard View
  • Rate Shopping
  • Pickup Scheduling
  • Custom Premium Rules
  • Templates
  • Saved Addresses
  • Custom Bid Groups
  • Shipping Documents
  • Receiving Labels
  • ASN Generation

Invoice Management

Save time, effort, and resources managing complex invoicing requirements.

  • Custom Audit Rules
  • Site/GL Assignment
  • Approve/Dispute/Reassign
  • FedEx Dispute
  • Statement Creation By Site
  • Remit Generation
  • Payment Management
  • Logging/History
  • Rollback Features
  • Aging Notification Settings

Real-time Reporting

Generate real-time reports that can be utilized by stakeholders throughout the supply chain to support decision-making.

  • Orders/Approvals
  • Shipments
  • Invoices
  • Bids

Also Included:

Custom Roles

Set up role-based access controls to provide people with the data they need, while restricting access to sensitive data.

  • Vendor
  • Operator
  • Site Admin
  • Client Admin
  • Accounting

Configurable Settings

Configure the CloudLogix platform for the specific needs of your supply chain by setting up CloudLogix to work for you.

  • Add/Remove Sites
  • Label Settings
  • User Management
  • Bid/API Groups
  • Cost Centers
  • Carriers/Service Levels

Robust Search

Set up role-based access controls to provide people with the data they need, while restricting access to sensitive data.

  • Global Search by Multiple Types
  • Multiple Entries Allowed in Search

Secure Platform

We provide you with access to our secure, web-based platform to protect your data using the latest security technology.

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Managed security included

Ready to give CloudLogix a try?

CloudLogix Plays Well With Others

The CloudLogix platform integrates with the tools that you are already using to manage your supply chain. Our platform can accept data from just about any source and translate it into a workable format that is more easily leveraged across supply networks.

Onboard In a Snap

Whether you need a complete supply chain software solution or just a bolt-on to your existing software, we make onboarding easy.

  • Review your current systems.
  • Determine next steps for implementation.
  • Set up data integrations or build new integrations.
  • Provide training to support user adoption.
  • Manage the change.




We assess your current use of software tools and determine the integrations that are required to nimbly use our platform.




We hook up integrations such as adding additional carriers and connecting to ERP systems to simplify the complexity.




We perform user acceptance testing (UATs), configure the platform for your environment, and train users.
A warehouse manager using the FedEx Freight API integration to avoid added costs.

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