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How much does CloudLogix software cost?

CloudLogix has a tiered pricing structure. View our pricing page for more information!

Does this software handle inbound shipments only?

CloudLogix software can handle all shipments – inbound and outbound! With the various role permissions, each person has exactly what they need to complete their tasks.

Do you provide freight carriers? If we have our own carriers can we still use them with CloudLogix?

We provide integrations with your carriers. We are completely carrier neutral and can accommodate any carrier, regardless of their integration capabilities. We are currently integrated with several carriers and can easily add others as needed. We also have a custom quote feature, which allows carriers to log in and bid on shipments if full integration is not preferred or available. Our system can truly handle any carrier – big or small!

How long is the implementation time for your software?

Implementation will vary by company but most can expect to be fully integrated in a matter of weeks.

Are there any more features being added to the CloudLogix software?

Yes! We are always adding features to our software based on customers’ needs. If you have a feature you’d like to discuss with our team, please let us know!

How do you train users in the CloudLogix software?

At CloudLogix, we help train the higher level persons involved in initial implementation of our software and provide them the capabilities to manage the system themselves. We also have an automated training application that all users go through upon their first time logging into the system.

Can we reach out to your team if we have questions or problems with the software?

Of course! Our support team emphasizes rapid response and will always be available to help.