Tips for Supply Chain Optimization

November 9th at 2:00 PM Central

If you are in Supply Chain Management and are accountable for the financial performance of your supply chain, this webinar is for you!

This session will feature our very own Jay-Lynn Wallace, Vice President of Product & Support and expert in SaaS Supply Chain Management.

She will be answering questions about identifying inefficiencies in your supply chain and strategies for improvement to get you kickstarted into the future, such as:

  • Improving overall efficiency with clear KPI’s
  • Optimizing processes
  • Downtime reassessment
  • Increasing visibility throughout your supply chain
  • Reducing communication waste
  • Steps to implementing improvements

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Jay-Lynn Wallace

Vice President of Product & Support

Jay-Lynn Wallace is a recognized supply chain software executive with a demonstrated history of software design, process improvement, cutting costs and motivating others. She currently serves as VP of Product & Support at CloudLogix. Her exceptional skills in designing solutions for customers, overseeing product development, and managing operations have taken CloudLogix to a new level.

As a founding member, Jay-Lynn brings extensive experience in supply chain management to the company. She has previously led logistics support teams and personally managed shipments specialized in nature in the government/military/aerospace sectors. Additionally, Jay-Lynn is experienced in freight forwarding, brokerage, retail, home delivery, and warehousing. Throughout her education and career, she has actively participated in Destination Imagination, which is an organization promoting teamwork, creativity and problem solving for elementary through college level students.

Fun fact: Jay-Lynn is also a Certified Barbeque Judge!

More About this Webinar

You’ve probably read and heard all about the effects of the pandemic on business, and many of you in the supply chain are still feeling those effects personally.

The natural thing for many companies to do is freeze spending and cut expenses, but this is also a time to regroup, re-evaluate, focus on areas that can be improved, become leaner, and reposition your company for efficient growth.

Thinking bigger, this is an opportunity to prepare for the next chapter of the digital transformation in the supply chain. Specifically, this webinar will focus on how you can transform the management of your supply chain data. Changes don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

We’ll explore solutions together so you can stop spending time on inefficient processes and start gaining supply chain visibility for decision-making. See you there!

Topics of discussion will include:

Transforming supply chains.

How can businesses boost the resilience of their supply chains in this climate?

Capability and build-out.

Investing in key supply chain capabilities; including visibility and monitoring, alternative business operating models, alternative supplier sourcing strategies, network flexibility, and agile planning.

Operating procedures.

Working to ensure there is clear delegation of authority and decision-making and that external and internal communication protocols are in place.

Assessment and strategy.

How to conduct an end-to-end supply chain risk assessment to stress test the supply chain, identify critical risk scenarios and define potential responses.

Operational Performance.

Centralizing your data to have greater visibility across your entire company’s operations in order to identify improvement opportunities.

Major crisis management.

Creation of a framework with governance procedures to be used during times of major crisis (like a hurricane or pandemic).

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